“The report is a thing of beauty!!! Thank you so much for pulling a very complicated conversation/event into something so succinct and insightful. It’s really helped me to gain even more understanding about what occurred during the project and to given me a language with which to articulate what we have achieved.”

Harriet Morgan-Shami, Manchester Museum

“I hired Jo to join a pool of temporary staff […] to assist with our work load management over part of the National Portfolio Organisation period. Even though I principally hired former members of staff, Jo was one of a handful of freelancers I recruited who were new to the organisation. Jo came highly recommended from senior members of staff and her breadth of expertise spanning across the sector in terms of type and scale of organisations and art form was apparent from the get go.  The reasoned and vigorous approach Jo had in both learning a new process, applying her external experience and delivering project specific work in a timely manner proved invaluable – and more importantly, for me, Jo was a pleasure to work with.”

Katie Riley, Arts Council England